Together We Build Dreams

Performing at the highest level take’s something special inside the mind, something different. At the readiness camp, we provide the best opportunity to discover what that is. With some of the highest performing action sports athletes in the world providing coaching and guidance at the readiness camp. We use skills, challenges and reflection to take your mindset and performance to that next level.

HAVE YOU EVER TRIED TO LEARN SOMETHING NEW AND HAD A BAD THOUGHT? OR THAT LITTLE VOICE IN YOUR HEAD THROWING DOUBT? We are here to help you build a better process when it comes to learning.

Ryan TieneHead Coach

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Elevate Your Body and Mind

The Readiness Camps are for those eager to accelerate their surfing, wakeboarding, and snow sports strengths. Geared at ages 12-18, each program teaches the tools to improve your mental game – not only in sport but in the big wide world. We help athletes take the next step in their performance by creating better habits and mental pathways for success. We bring this together through active learning and by extending campers in their sport under the guidance of some of Australia’s top-performing athletes and coaches.