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Wow, what a turn out we had for the first Shred for Chumpy day!

We shred for Chumpy, all around Australia there are people come together to pay tribute. Our thoughts go out to Ellidy, Chris, Sally and baby Chump. He or she has an amazing dad, and us being out here is a testament to that. Thanks to Thredbo and all the Aussie resorts for coming together today to remember and reflect as a community to celebrate an amazing person. Chumpy was an Australian icon and a pioneer of boardercross in Australia. From humble beginnings, Chumpy had big dreams and with hard work and determination, he made those dreams a reality. Chumpy was a two-time world champion, Olympian, flag barrier, and multiple world cup winner. But what made Chumpy great was not that he was fast on a snowboard but how he was as a human, he made you feel like he was your best mate, even if you only just met him. He was present and had time for everyone. Chumpy lived every day to its fullest and accomplished more in his short time than most ever will. Today is a chance for us to honor Chumpy and do what he loved most.